SMS Campaigns - An Overview  
Easily communicate to groups

Last minute cancellations
Snow day! There will be no school today due to weather. School will resume as normal tomorrow as the weather is expected to clear.

Change of venue
11 a.m. Seminar will now take place at Room 32 East Wing.  Please do not go to North Wing.

Confirm Booking References
Travel Inn Hotel Reference:  BCXE83.  You are booked from Tues, 18 May until 20 May.

Txtfo Campaigns is a web based application that lets you easily send text messages to groups - whether it be to a classroom, an office or a football team. 

With Campaigns you can:
  • Send a group a reminder about an upcoming event
  • Send your whole school an SMS to let them know school is cancelled
  • Let your staff know that the location for the meeting has changed at the last minute
  • Send your football team a reminder about when to turn-up for the game
  • Send customers a message to let them know that their product is ready for pickup at your store

Campaigns platforms works just like your email platform and you can use it in many different ways in order to run your organisation better. 


Easy to communicate to many people
Sending an SMS to a hundred or a thousand people is easy.

Messages sent back online or to your mobile

You can make messages look like they came from your own mobile or from your brand (e.g. Pepsi).  You can check the responses online or make them come to your mobile.

Quick to let people know
The fastest way that people will get your message.  Phone calls take too long, emails are not always checked and mobile is always with people and checked frequently. 

Online address book
Just like your email address book - you can even import numbers from outlook or spreadsheets.


Pocket Reminders
An SMS is always with the consumer - whereas an email doesn't follow them everywhere.  It is instant and you know they will carry their phone to the event so it is like having a "post-it" note with them 24/7.  People do not need a pen to write down your details as the message on their phone will be with them all the time.