A better way to request and receive documents

When you give a presentation in front of an audience, people often want a copy of your PowerPoint slides.  Taking down their email addresses on paper and then emailing the documents afterwards is a hassle and might not necessarily get done.

Txtfo Emailer gives your audience an easy method to request and receive your presentation or other electronic documents by email instantly.  They can initiate the request themselves by simply texting in their email address and the txtfo Emailer software will email them whatever you had uploaded on our servers.

As well as making it easy for an audience to receive your presentations - Txtfo Emailer can also be used on your advertising - making it easy for consumers to request electronic brochures/vouchers or join your email list instantly after seeing your ad.

You can use the basic version of Txtfo application for FREE.

To see how a customer would receive the document try it NOW:
text DEMO  and your email address to +44 7800 200 800.



1. Upload PowerPoint to Txtfo
2. Let audience know how to receive
3. Audience sends text
4. Audience receives documents via email
5. Speaker can build email list for future contact